Silent Passenger API 2.0


Silent Passenger API 1.0


List<DCVehicle> GetUserVehiclesByUserID(int UserID)

Retrieves the list of vehicles by User ID.

List<DCVehicle> GetUserVehiclesByAPIKey(int UserID, string APIKey)

Retrieves the list of vehicles by API Key

Vehicle Status Codes (StatusID)

  • 10 - ""
    Happens when last datapoint received was more than 15 minutes ago and had speed greater than 0.
  • 20 - ""
    Is triggered when vehicle is traveling with speed over Mobile Group's preset limit
  • 30 - ""
    If vehicle has SpeedGauge™ enabled and is speeding, this status will be shown.
  • 40 - ""
    Regular moving datapoint.
  • 50 - ""
    Vehicle has been stopped for less than 5 minutes.
  • 60 - ""
    Stop time is between 5 and 60 minutes.
  • 70 - ""
    Stop time exceeds one hour.
  • 80 - ""
    Vehicle is stopped for more than three days

List<DCStopsWithIdle> GetStopsWithOptionsReport(int UserID, int VehicleID, DateTime StartDate, DateTime EndDate, bool? ShowRoute, bool? ShowIdle, int? StopThreshold, int? IdleThreshold)

Retrieves Stops Report with Options for given vehicle if provided user has rights to view the vehicle info.


int UserAssignAPIKey(string UserName, string Password, string APIKey)

Creates an API Key for the user. Returns UserID if the key was successfully assigned, or -1 if assignment failed. API Key must be nvarchar(50) (iPhone UDID can be used).

GetUserByAPIKey(string APIKey)

Retrieves User Info by the supplied API Key.

List<DCUserSubGroup> GetUserSubGroups(int UserID, string APIKey)

Retrieves List of SubGroups that the user is member of.

bool UpdateUserSubGroup(int UserID, string APIKey, int SubGroupID, bool Selected)

Updates user's sub group to show or hide the vehicles for that sub group. Returns True if update was successfull, False otherwise.


List<RouteItem> GetRouteItemsByAPIKey(string APIKey)

Retrieves all active routes for the given API Key (User).

RouteItem GetRouteItem(int RouteID, string APIKey)

Returns route that matches given Route ID.